Our Advanced Dental Technology

Digital x-rays & Intra-oral photos – Typically, we don’t look into our own mouths, so we often take a dentist’s word for it when he says there is a cavity. Not at Dolley Madison Dentistry. We use extremely clear digital x-rays that will help you see the details in your teeth that we see. We also can provide intra-oral photos of your teeth, so you can see your teeth the same way we do. That way, we are all on the same page about what works needs to be done.


Cerec ® - Often, the right dental treatment takes time. To ensure a long-lasting fit, dentists often need to take impressions, send the work out to a lab, and have the patient back for a second appointment to place the hardware. Advanced technology was bound to dramatically improve the dental experience at some point, and it’s here. At Dolley Madison Dentistry, we offer a same-visit crown made with a milling unit housed on-site. It’s the best of both worlds – custom-made, long-lasting dental work, fabricated and fitted in one appointment.


One-hour whitening - Whiter teeth can have a rejuvenating effect on your smile.  We offer our patients the benefit and impact of whiter teeth in about an hour.  We offer Zoom! ®, Boost ®, and Kor ®-brand whitening services, depending on the particular needs of each patient.