Professional Teeth Cleaning

Plaque and tartar (dirty-looking mineral deposits) on the teeth near the gums are most often the cause for gum disease. During your visit to the dentist, you might have heard him/her suggesting that you get ‘scaling’, ‘professional cleaning’, or ‘oral prophylaxis’ done. If you’re wondering what it is and if it necessary that you get it done, you should read this post.


Why is ‘scaling’ or ‘professional cleaning’ necessary?
The procedure is necessary to remove the plaque and tartar (grey, yellow, brown hard deposits on the teeth near the gums) which are one of the major reasons that cause gum disease.

A few minutes after brushing, a very thin layer made up of saliva, proteins, and bacteria (also called the pellicle) is formed on the tooth surface which acts as a base for bacterial attachment and growth. Within a few hours the accumulation of various species of bacteria along with sugar from the food we eat results in formation of a pale yellow or white sticky substance known as dental plaque. This if left on the teeth can attract minerals from the saliva and harden causing tartar. Both these are detrimental for the health of the gums and can cause gum disease, which on progressing, can manifest as periodontal disease.

Professional cleaning or scaling helps remove these and reverses gum disease or prevents the progression to periodontal disease.

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