Dental Anesthesia

Our dental team uses local anesthesia to give you an enjoyable and pleasant experience at our office. With this type of anesthetic, we are able to numb a portion of your mouth so you do not feel any pain during your dental treatment. This is typically administered with a shot; as with any shot, you may experience a bit of temporary discomfort, but this will pass quickly as the drug takes effect. Once we have applied the anesthetic, the area that needs to be treated will be numb so you will feel comfortable throughout your treatment. During your appointment, you will only feel small tooth vibrations and slight pressure.

We may recommend using local dental anesthesia for treatments such as dental fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, implants, root canal treatment, and more. We use only the highest available quality of products and materials to ensure that you achieve optimal results and that you feel comfortable throughout your time with us. Local anesthesia holds few risks, and after your appointment you will be able to safely drive, work, and continue with your day as normal. To learn more about dental anesthesia and how we can provide you with a more comfortable dental experience, we invite you to contact us today!

With flexible appointments and a convenient location, our professional and caring dental team is the right choice for your local anesthesia needs.  Call 703-356-7890 today for your next appointment!